Taylored Tees, LLC is a family owned company. We produce premium goods for people that like to make inspirational, and thought-provoking statements in their apparel choices. In creating our pieces of communal art we strive to push the limits of creativity and production to deliver high-quality and conscientious goods to our customers.

Our Values

  • Healthy and strong family relationships.
  • The insights gained from pushing the boundaries of artistic, operational, and technical achievement.
  • Continuous learning and personal growth
  • Our Story

Our Story

In mid 2018, after the birth of our daughter, Truth, we were blessed with the opportunity to have some time away from the corporate grind. We had time to reflect on our family values, and reassess what we wanted out of life. Family, creativity, and autonomy remained values that were important to us. We wanted the ability to work when and how we wanted.

Being a business owner gave us a greater sense of autonomy, but we desired to be more than just a family owned business in concept. We wanted to go further than just ownership, and ensure our work-style, and products served as illustrations of our commitment to family.

When we saw how difficult it was to find high-quality shirts that we could wear as a family, that spoke to our experiences as African-Americans we knew there was an opportunity. This opportunity has allowed us to leverage our skills in design, in screen-printing and our love for our community.